Dear Honey, This is What I Really Want for Mother's Day


Dear Honey,

Last Friday I went to our dentist’s office to have a cavity filled. Blame it on the lack of flossing or all those snacks between Joseph’s middle of the night feedings, either way, I was dreading the visit. I left Anna with a sitter and brought Joseph along for the ride.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 1.52.38 PM.png

I arrived and was directed to a small room in the corner of the building. The dental assistant began her standard procedures: sat me in the reclining chair, applied my paper bib and made small talk. Thankfully Joseph, who fell asleep during the car ride, remained as such. The television in the room was showing photos of the beach and puppies on a loop, and soft music was playing overhead. Our dentist joined us, cordially greeting me as he went to work with his Novocain. The room emptied and they tended to another patient, allowing the numbing juice to work its magic.

The room was quiet, aside from the elevator music, my baby was still snoozing and I had a front row view to a lovely, spring day, compliments of the window in the room. Had our dentist given me an umbrella drink, I would have been in complete vacation mode. This lasted a beautiful 15 minutes and I relished every. single. second. of it.

After the drilling and filling, my "beach vacation” ended and our dentist asked if I had any suggestions on what to get his wife, my friend, for Mother’s Day. I told him exactly what I was hoping for this year thinking maybe he could get some inspiration from my wish list. So in case you still need some ideas, here's what I told him:


TAKE CARE OF THE FOOD - Please don’t let me step foot in the kitchen. I know you don’t cook but sandwiches and mac n cheese are perfectly acceptable meals for our kid…and for me. And before you ask me where things are in the fridge or pantry, take another look, they are likely right in front of you. (Moms, can you relate?!)

CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN - Having food prepared for me just isn’t quite as sweet when I have to go back and pick up the mess. And remember, nothing is as sexy as a man with a broom.

LET ME SLEEP - Between needing to pee every 2 hours at night while pregnant and feeding a newborn, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a year. There’s a bottle in the fridge, I’ll be downstairs in the guest room snoring the night away.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 2.21.46 PM.png

MAKE TIME FOR SNUGGLES - Nothing fills my heart as much as snuggling with my two little loves and you. Mornings spent cuddling in bed always make for the best days.

But if you are desperate and need to give me something...

CREATE A HANDPRINTED MEMORY - This is a cheesy one that might be overdone and unappreciated by lots, but our kids aren’t in school or day care and anytime I want some kind of memory of how small their hands were at one time, I have to create it. Plus, I'm a paper and ink lover by nature so this sings to my sentimental side. Trace their hands on paper and let Anna have at it “drawing” on the page. It will be forever cherished.

So there you have it. My real Mother's Day wish list. Jane Seymour, you can keep your Open Heart necklace.

HoneyCheers, Mama! -