I've Got A Blank Space, Baby


Two Christmases ago, I went to Target to buy some wrapping paper and rolled out with a full-sized rose gold Christmas tree in my shopping cart. Target puts their display trees on sale a few days before Christmas. I couldn’t resist a Christmas tree that matched my iPhone and earrings, right?

I have always loved decorating my house and creating a comfortable and inspiring space. However, I’ve been learning that styling a home takes on a new meaning when your kid starts walking. We currently have five end tables, a handful of frames, and a few other breakable knick-knacks tucked away in our basement. One day, I will resurface them to the main floor. For now, creating an Oliver-friendly home is more important than bringing home a shiny thing from Target.  

Lindsay Goedken is a photographer and designer. Her Instagram feed rivals Joanna Gaine’s when it comes to showcasing homes and a life where minimalism and comfort co-exist. We wanted to share her home on Cheers, Mama! because it is so inspiring, as is she.


Thanks for chatting with us! Tell us a bit about who you are.

My friends would tell you I'm slightly ridiculous (in a funny way of course.) I'm a little OCD, and I always try to look on the bright side. I am OBSESSEDDDD with Jason Bateman and I'll own it for life, and all things Oreo. I need coffee to function and I'm at Target probably three days a week. I strive to be passionate in everything I do and am always trying to slow down, which is a constant struggle for me. My biggest passion is my little family! They are the reason why I do everything.


We love seeing pictures of your family on Instagram. Tell us about your tribe!

My tribe is my college sweetheart hubby of almost six years, Nate, and our little wild child, Mason Brooks! and our dog Jax, who I have a serious love/hate relationship with, the dog struggle can be very real sometimes! Any other moms out there with me?! Hopefully in the future we can add another baby Goedken to the crew as well! :)


You’re a photographer and also a stylist. Share a bit about your business ventures!

I started my photography business back in 2011. Ivory+Bliss now has two associate photographers, and we average about 50 weddings a year! A few years ago, I had noticed there weren’t a lot of vendors and people in our clients’ lives helping create their dream weddings. I started doing styled shoots, which were both inspiring our brides and helping us form lifelong friendships and relationships with other vendors in our industry. Before we knew it, clients were hiring us to style their weddings. This passion of mine turned into accepting a position as an Event Designer at Unique Events, an event company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It has been SO much fun (and busy) to be involved in clients’ special days in more ways than one!


Your son, Mason is adorable. Tell us about him and what his personality is like.

Our little Mason Brooks just turned three this past February and is officially a little boy! He surprises us every day with the things that pop out of his mouth, and he makes us laugh so hard! He is an absolute snuggle bug (thank you Jesus!) which I try to soak up every minute.

Although he certainly has his terrible three moments from time to time, I feel so blessed that God has blessed us with a little boy with a truly kind heart. His sweetness reminds me that despite all of the bad things that are happening in the world, there is still some good left out there

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We love your home and your style. What inspires you when it comes to decorating?

Thank you!! You know, my style has really changed throughout the years, and to be honest, it was always determined by what was trendy at the time. I was always trying to re-decorate with what was the new feature section at Target, or what the new trend was on Pinterest! And low and behold, I would always end up getting sick of it, or just not feeling like our home space was "us." I'm slightly notorious for loving to get rid of things (hello Facebook garage sale!) and my friends have always joked that I'm a "white wall magnet”! A few years ago, I realized I'm just simply a lover of minimal, clean, timeless design and a sucker for texture. Our home has white walls, which I looooove with the natural light. My biggest inspiration for our house was clean contrast mixed with organic elements like wood, metal, and natural textures, such as fur and woven baskets. With my love for clean lines, we also have lots of Mid-Century Modern elements in our home too! Really making this space our own has been such a fun task over the last few years. It has never felt more us! The challenge has been to have a clean, minimal home that still feels cozy, and I think we have done just that!

What do you feel like is important about creating a space for your son? What were some of the things you really valued in creating his own little haven?

Mason's room has always been a struggle for me, mainly because it is tiny and kids have soooo muchhhhh stuffff. Trying to have a kid’s room that feels "fun" while still matching our esthetic has been a challenge. I have to remind myself that his room should always be "his" and it should be a place where he has the most fun! Storage has been my saving grace. We used cute woven baskets for his toy and a mid-century modern wooden dresser that looks great with his antique black bed frame. For his bedding, we mixed neutral patterns, such as hand drawn stripes, swiss dot, and buffalo check. My favorite element is a little teepee in the corner of his room. It has comfy pillows and a little fur rug, so he can look at books, play with his cars, and have his own fort. When I was a kid, I loved little magical hidden spaces where I could pretend I was anywhere in the world!


What are some of the more sentimental things in Mason’s room?

I am sooo sentimental! There is an outfit of Mason's that I kept and put in his tiny baby tote. It is covered in puke stains, poop stains, and who knows what else, but when I remember him as a baby, I remember him in this. It was the first outfit I bought for him and the first outfit I put him in. It's something I could care less how "perfect" it is, I just want to keep it forever. We also invested in a really sweet baby book, called Mushy Books, from Etsy. I think if our house was on fire, that book and our photos would be the thing I would grab. His little hospital bracelet, his little hair clipping from his first cut, all the feels! I'm a big fan of memory boxes and books and those are the most valuable things in the world to me.


So CM! is all about celebrating the mama life. How do you celebrate your mom life?

I am a huge fan of documenting life-weird, right? I LOVE having our little photoshoot days every once in a while. I'm so grateful for the laughs, giggles, and tickles that we document. For my birthday and for Mother’s Day, this is what I tell my hubby I want. I don’t want flowers or a special present-just time, moments and memories. With my career, I have to sacrifice a lot of home time to be there on people's big day, so being with my boys is the most precious gift for me. Also.......spa day. ALLLLLL THE SPA DAYS. hahahaha! The Sanctuary Spa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is my saving grace for when this mama needs to treat herself!

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