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An interview with Hannah + Ingrid


"It's really celebrating the life I've been given so I can speak that celebration over my babies."

On International Women's Day, my mom hosted a Noonday Collection trunk show to support Ingrid's business, have an excuse to buy fancy wine and cheese, and shop - for a cause! (Noonday is a company that supports artisans by selling fair-trade jewelry and accessories, but much more on that to come...) 

I met Ingrid while she was styling her products in my parents' living room. I was toting Oliver on one hip, waiting for Greg to come pick him up so I could shop and drink with two hands. Our introduction was marked by Oliver throwing a piece of food on one of her handmade, artisan bags. Thanks, kid. 

I've only known Ingrid for a little while, but I knew her story was one I wanted to share. Also, I wish I could wear her sparkly glasses and dye my hair every other month and look as fabulous as she does. 


Thanks for joining our cyber coffee date! Tell us a little bit about who you are. 

Oh, goodie! I'll take an iced venti vanilla sweet cream coffee! I'm Ingrid, a Cedar Rapidian, wife, mama and Independent Noonday Collection Ambassador.


who are you besides those lovely titles? what are you passionate about?

Geesh, I love the word passion. It changes on the daily, ya know? However, my passions lie under this big umbrella of 1. love God and 2. love people. Right now that looks like working as an Independent Noonday Collection Ambassador, raising three kiddos, scheduling time for my husband to brew his own beer, and kickboxing in the early morning.


who is in your tribe? 

My beautiful bearded husband Jon, children-Mae, Myles, and Truely, and pug, June Carter Cash



So you've grown your family through a few different ways...could you share a bit about this journey?

Even before we were married we had talked about our desire to adopt, and we honestly thought it would be international. But we quickly learned that not only did we not meet the requirements of many adoption agencies (age, income, etc.) but that the stats for kiddos in foster care in Linn county were staggering (900 kids currently in the system). The point of foster care is to reunify the children with their biological family- and we were prepared and trained for just that. Little did we know, God had other plans, and a short term foster care placement would (two years later) turn into adopting our two oldest-Mae and Myles. What a gift they are! We still desired to biologically add to our family as well, so little True came along and her siblings were starry eyed.


Abbey and I were both adopted and have a huge heart for adoption. We love how your noonday story started with adoption!

I had heard about Noonday Collection and loved the look of their jewelry. When I heard that they also helped adopting families fundraise (months before we were finalizing our adoption) I was like, "Where can I find an ambassador?!" I connected with an old friend who was an ambassador and our family received 10% of the sales from the trunk show we hosted. It was the EXACT amount we wanted covered! Honestly, the coolest thing about Noonday adoption trunk shows isn't supporting adoptive families, but rather the community it creates. Adoptive families can feel isolated. They may have struggled with infertility or their tribes don't understand, so a trunk show is a really precious moment carved out for community to rally around them. I still see my friends and family wearing their pieces from our show and it instantly has me recalling sweet memories from preparing for the adoption. A huge reason why I became an ambassador is so I can provide that for other adoptive families as well.


So now...all about Noonday. How did you start? Why do you love it? What's fun and exciting in your business?

I started like an insane person in the busiest time for our family, with three kids six and under, and not a dime saved up to purchase my starter bundle. hahaha. I'm the kind of person who thinks I hear something from God, gets it confirmed multiple times, and goes ALL. IN. RIGHT. NOW. :) Being a licensed cosmetologist and adoptive mama-it just made sense to transform my love for style and advocacy into a business! There are so many things that I love about it. I love that it's tearing down the "us and them" mentality and that it's not a charity. The woman in the third world is being supported by us, through fair trade, through myself and my customers creating a marketplace here-but she is also supporting ME, my family, and allowing me to have a small business. It's so exciting to see women hear about us for the first time. People want their purchases to matter, they want to give gifts that are unique and full of thought, and they want to hear stories of the vulnerable becoming strong.


How is Noonday supporting moms (and women) globally? And how can people be a part of this?

My sisters across the world (Noonday's artisans) are supporting me and my small business by crafting beautiful handmade goods. And I'm supporting them by creating a marketplace here in the states, where more people have the resources to purchase them. And on both ends of that partnership, children are being cherished and families are flourishing. I'm so thankful that empowering women to use their gifts is not limited to any region, socioeconomic status, religion, name it. At Noonday Collection we say we are "better together" and I certainly believe it. People can be a part of it by purchasing from us, hosting a trunk show, or becoming an ambassador! All three make such an impact and allow us to keep going and reach more vulnerable areas.


So Cheers, Mama! is a community dedicated to celebrating the mama life. How and why do you celebrate being a mom?

What a delightful question, because I think we could all use a little more celebration in the mama space :) I like to celebrate this mama life by taking a break from it. Haha! How can I take a moment, take an hour, take a day, to receive God's love, chase my dreams, and get filled up, so I can continue to be the mama I want to be? Self-care is so much more than a massage or pedicure.. I think it's really celebrating the life I've been given, so I can speak that life and celebration over my babies.




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