FRIDAY CHEERS: Grandma Edition

Oliver loves nothing more (except for maybe a bottle of milk) than spending time with his grandma and nana. We've been very blessed by both of our moms buying or borrowing some things, just for Oliver, to keep in their homes so we don't have to haul absolutely everything with us for a visit. Here are a few items for grandmas to stock if they have little grandkids visiting. Your adult children will be so thankful.

August 10, 2018.png

1. Cheers to having lots of books and spending time reading with our kids.

2. Cheers to some simple baby-proofing if we have toddlers who are curious about everything, especially knocking over fragile things and falling down the stairs!

3. Cheers to stocking plastic dishes and sippy cups so we don't have to worry about breaking your nice china or glasses.

4. Cheers to pulling out our old blankets, stuffed animals and favorite toys that we played with as children. We love reliving our childhood memories and seeing our kids enjoy our old treasures in a new way. 

5. Cheers to buying a really simple booster seat or high chair so we don't have to lug one back and forth and our kids can enjoy dinner with us at the table. 

6. Cheers to having a pack and play or somewhere safe for babies to sleep, so we can have some one-on-one time with you while they nap! 

7. Cheers to having coffee on hand whenever we visit, so we can fuel up and keep surviving the grind. 

HoneyCheers, Mama! -