Friday Cheers: Making Memories

It's back to school time and we love seeing everyone's "first day of school" chalkboard signs, letter boards, and flags! We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to make (and remember) great memories and traditions with your kids. It might be their first day of preschool, but that first day of college isn't too far down the road! Here are some ways to make sure all of those days in between are remembered and celebrated.

August 23, 2018.jpg

1. Cheers to homemade chocolate chip cookies or any special treat to signify the start of the school year. There's nothing like coming home to homemade cookies. Don't have time to bake or not a fan? So many cities have cookie delivery companies, so you could even send fresh cookies to your college student! 

2. Cheers to Artifact Uprising photo books. We love Artifact Uprising and make at least one book each year with daily snapshots. They come in all sizes, are affordable, and have a great modern design. Getting photos off your phone is such a challenge, but totally worth it.

3. Cheers to the Fuji Instax and other types of polaroid cameras. There are so many options to choose from now, there should be no excuse to not have one of these guys in your house. Let your kids take a few pictures to put up on the fridge and don't worry about the extra step of printing photos when they print immediately! 

4. Cheers to lunchbox notes. If you didn't grab our freebie this week, get it now and write a little note to let your special kid know you're thinking of them. Or take a minute to jot down a few reasons why you love your partner and slip it in a lunchbox or coat pocket! 

5. Cheers to themed dinners! Who says you need to have an occasion to celebrate? Get your kids involved in picking fun themes (Hawaiian BBQ, Cowboy Cookout, Night in Paris, etc.) and try a few new recipes or even find some activities to fit the theme. We've been cooking a meal from a different country every month for three years now! We join two other families and have loved this fun tradition.

6. Cheers to breaking bedtime and staying up to watch the stars and make s'mores. There's nothing like quality time without technology that will create lasting memories. While the weather is still nice, take advantage of a little bonfire and time outside. If your kids are too little, it's a great excuse for a stay-at-home date night with a glass of wine on the porch after bedtime.