The Enneagram : Discovering You

by abbey

While I would still consider myself an Enneagram rookie, I have yet to find a personality tool as insightful for understanding myself and others. At its core, the Enneagram consists of nine different personality types, all of which consist of specific thinking and feeling patterns. In a time where lots of things in my life have changed (read: job, new parenting role, home town) the Enneagram has made me much more self aware and knowledgeable about my own natural tendencies.

As a "2" I have found I MUST make time for self care, even though I retreat from it when I need it most. While it isn't logical, self care can seem indulgent and unnecessary to me causing me more harm long-term. Being aware of this allows me to understand the battle between my heart and brain and gives me a sense of permission to take the time to dote on myself a bit.

Below are a few examples of other Enneagram enthusiasts who have found truth in their numbers and have become more self aware in the process:

As an Enneagram 9, I want peace and harmony in every area of my life. I’m learning it’s important to push myself outside my comfort zone even if that means I feel uncomfortable temporarily. While “keeping the peace” is what I do best, I am learning to assert myself in different areas of my life.  - Sarabeth S.

It is the self aware part that has been the most helpful. I can understand what might occur when I feel under pressure or in a stressful situation. I am typically a very (very) positive person (7), but when I feel pressure, or try to meet an unspoken expectation, I may go to the critical, negative mode (the unhealthy 1). The caution I have is that the enneagram is a tool, not a weapon. It can give great insight, but it is not a formula. We all have areas we can grow in and becoming more self aware is a great place to start. -Kathryn T. 

As a 3 I have found I have a higher capacity than most (hello efficiency!) and as amazing as that is, it can exhaust and drain those around me (like my 9 husband). I have learned that sometimes I need to give myself permission to relax and just BE with people instead of trying to do something for them. The Enneagram taught me for the first time that not everyone sees the world the same way that I do, so it has given me an extra measure of grace and understanding in my relationships. I find I have tremendous compassion for those who are different than me, especially knowing their areas of struggle. - Abby M.

If you are struggling with self awareness or just needing "feeling confirmation", I encourage you to read more about the Enneagram and I hope you receive the same insight as these ladies have on their journey to self discovery.



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