Friday Cheers : Self Care

by abbey

Focusing on self care can easily fall to the wayside when things get hairy, and especially when you are caring for the littlest ones in your family. While it is important to make time for you, getting creative with the ways and things that fill your proverbial well, can be a must. Here are a few ideas and that might just help you relax, but also help you find out a little about yourself as well.


1. Cheers to The Road Back To You by Suzanne Stabile - I'm in the middle of this book right now and am loving what it is teaching me about myself and those closest to me. You can also find me listening to Suzanne's podcast, The Enneagram Journey, while the kiddos nap!

2. Cheers to Capri Blue Volcano candles - they remind me of all the feels I feel when I step into an Anthropologie and also fill my home with the most wonderful and relaxing scent.

3. Cheers to good sheets and a nice pillow - let's face it, sleep is the one of the things I miss most after becoming a mom. Ha! At least when I do sleep, it is on soft sheets and with my head resting on a pretty impressive pillow.

4. Cheers to Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate bars - nothing satisfies my sweet tooth quite like this gift of cocoa heaven. It is the perfect amount of sweet and salty and has a special hiding place in my pantry that only I know about.

5. Cheers to a pretty journal - getting thoughts on paper always helps clear my mind and it is equally satisfying to look back and recognize answered prayers/funny things my kid has said months later.

6. Cheers to getting outside - I'm soaking up this last bit of summer and find myself feeling so rejuvenated after taking advantadge of some Vitamin D.