How to Bring More Joy to Your Marriage


My all-time favorite movie is “About Time.” It’s a sweet and witty story of a man who realizes, via time travel and advice from his father, that the secret to a fulfilled life is simply to “relish this remarkable ride.”


There are endless moments in my life I wish I could relive without the worries and stress I put on myself. I would have been gentler, more fun, and had more patience with both myself and with others. No amount of worrying or stress has ever improved a situation. Life has a way of working itself out without our anxiety guiding each step.

After being married for eight years, observing my parents’ and countless other marriages, and having a front seat to over 150 couples on their wedding day, I firmly believe that gratitude will transform your marriage and bring abundant joy. 

Gratitude is the practice of cherishing, being thankful, and affirming. You CAN be grateful and still have hard days or feel the spectrum of emotions, but gratitude will always be there to provide light and perspective. In marriage, gratitude is everything. Feeling appreciated and affirmed by your spouse will give way to positive feelings of happiness, laughter, and peace. One of the biggest predictors of marital satisfaction is how appreciated the other one feels. When you are grateful for each other, both partners can conquer whatever may come as a team. It's us against the world, babe.

When I turn to gratefulness instead of anxiety or stress, I am more present in my everyday world and less worried about the past or future. I am a better mom, wife, and friend. 

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Because an "attitude of gratitude" is not the easiest thing to conquer, we're launching the Cheers, Mama! #gratefulmamachallenge. Join us for the next seven days on Instagram (or feel free to follow along privately) by posting one thing you're grateful for about your spouse each day. It can be related to how they parent or just who they are. Feel free to use these photo prompts. 

Make sure to tag so we can follow along and include #gratefulmamachallenge.

If you don't have a spouse or feel like a different aspect of your life could use a grateful heart, please join in however you feel would be worthwhile to where you are today. 


HoneyCheers, Mama! -