Friday Cheers : Marriage Strengtheners

While each marriage is different, we can all agree there are some universal things that can help strengthen and nurture a marriage even in the difficult season of raising littles. What are some of your favorite ways to keep the fire burning in the relationship with your significant other?



Cheers to starting mornings with a hug. My husband and I have made a point of giving each other a hug before the craziness of the day begins and out of all the things we do to work on our marriage, this little act of love seems to make the biggest difference.

Cheers to The Five Minute Journal - making what I am grateful for be top of mind keeps me in a more positive mindset with my marriage and everyday life.

Cheers to going on walks - words and thoughts seem to flow so much easier when we are outside, walking and enjoying each other's company.

Cheers to sharing a night cap after the kids go to bed. From discussing the day's activities to laughing about old stories, reminiscing and connecting one-on-one is good for the soul.

Cheers to sweet, just because cards or love notes. I love to leave notes for my husband in random places (e.g., hidden in his suitcase when he traveled for work or in his suit pocket). Not great with words? This card from Wrinkle and Crease sums it up pretty well.

Cheers to enjoying a night in, snuggling on the couch, watching a movie, complete with popcorn/sugary treats and a warm blanket. Sometimes the cost of going out or the energy to find a babysitter just isn't in the cards, but that doesn't mean you have to forgo an opportunity to enjoy being with each other.