Friday Cheers, Meals for Guests

We have had quite a few guests this summer already and are planning for even more in the coming months. I have found cooking for guests can be relatively easy as long as you are comfortable with the recipe and plan ahead. Here is a list of my go-tos, most of which can be prepped during nap time (yay!) and then finished right before dinner time. Enjoy!


1. Cheers to this Mexican Corn Salad recipe. Iowans, get your fresh corn and put this recipe on repeat. So good!

2. Cheers to an easy morning crustless Caprese Quiche so you can enjoy an extra cup of coffee talk with your friends and family in the morning.

3. Cheers to my girl Ina and her Perfect Roasted Chicken. Kills everytime.

4. Cheers to this Blueberry Crisp that I make at least a dozen times during the summer. It is especially delicious paired with some Talenti Vanilla Bean Gelato.

5. Cheers to Chickpea Salad, make now and store for an afternoon or day and let the veggies soak up all the Italian seasoning goodness.

6. Cheers to Pulled Pork tacos and sliders and my best friend, the crock pot. Put it on in the morning, go to the pool, and come home to a house smelling like you cooked all day long.