Friday Cheers - Podcasts

This week, Cheers, Mama! The Podcast turned a whole two episodes old! Find us in iTunes or click here to listen to the first two episodes of our show. 

We are huge fans of lots of different podcasts, not just our own.... hehe. Whether we're in the car, working out, getting ready in the morning, or just going for a stroll, our earbuds are plugged in and we're listening to some fabulous shows. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite podcasts:

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Abbey's Picks: 

1. Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey - This show started my love of podcasts. Jamie interviews woman all over the globe about "the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between." It feels like you are sitting down with a girlfriend and having a real life chat. I also love that one of my dearest friends listens as well and we often text or call discussing the weekly episode (Hi, SB!).

2. At Home with Sally and Friends - When I am needing a pick me up or pep-talk about mothering, I turn to Sally. I was first introduced to her by way of her book, "The Lifegiving Home", and recently started listening to her podcast. She gives some pretty wise nuggets of advice like "Where there are no oxen, the stalls are clean."

3. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie - This is my go to when I need to feel young and knowledgeable about pop culture or when I just need to laugh. Jamie is hilarious and I would love to be her friend IRL. Check out this year's Mother's Day episode #245 : The Nos of Motherhood. You will laugh HARD and thank me later.

4. Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell - This is such a beautifully done podcast re-examing things from the past that we might have gotten wrong. Great for history buffs and those who are fans of his books!


Hannah's Picks: 

5. Ear Hustle - I am totally fascinated by this show. They bring stories about prison life from inside San Quentin State Prison. My favorite episodes are 06: The Boom Boom Room and 08: Left Behind. If you've ever wondered about prison life or just want to be caught up in mesmerizing stories, check it out. (FYI: not suitable for kids)

6. The Goal Digger Podcast - I am a long-time follower of Jenna Kutcher, an educator, artist, photographer, and all-around girl boss who built a multi-million dollar business and is based in a small, midwest town. Yes, she is #goals. Her podcast is GOLDEN if you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or just want some positive vibes headed your way. I have proudly listened to every. single. episode.  

7. 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms - A fellow mom friend introduced me to this one and I'm hooked. Episode 30: How to Coach Your Children Through Their Big Emotions and Episode 029: Making the Most of Everyday Moments to Connect with Our Children are two of my favorites. As someone who likes things to be straight and symmetrical, I also appreciate that every show gives three actionable takeaways and host, Rachel Nielson, gets right down to business with sharing her wisdom. 

8. Criminal - This is one of my favorite podcasts and one of the first ones I started listening to. Criminal shares stories about crime - the whodunnit, unsolved, weird, supernatural, accidental and really stupid crimes. Episode 01: Animal Instincts changed my life when I realized Greg may not have been attacked by a bat several years ago, but might have been nearly murdered by an owl. You need to listen to this. I also recommend Episode 67: Milk Carton Kids and Episode 40: Pappy 



Our friend and fellow creative, Arsalan Monawar, just launched a podcast called Abundant Desi. It is all the positive self-talk and motivation you need to move forward in creating your best life and achieving your dreams! Plus, he's an amazing videographer, entrepreneur, and all-around human, so let's send him some love in this new endeavor! 


(Photo credit: Seneca Epley Photography