Friday Cheers - Mom Hair Hacks

This week's Friday Cheers is all about fast and easy hair tips and tricks to help you get out of the door looking like a million bucks despite having only 5 minutes to pull yourself together (#momlife). Billi Davis from Virtue Salon + Spa (Cedar Rapids, IA) gave us her go-to products and styles for busy moms. Thanks, Billi!


1. Cheers to Amika Dry Shampoo - it smells amazing, leaves less of a white residue and let's be honest, that bottle is really pretty. It is healthier to not wash your hair everyday per Billi, so spray this magic dust on your roots and around your face to keep your locks looking fresh.

2. Cheers to braids - whether low or high or french or fishtail, these will make it look like you spent a lot longer on your hair than you really did. Separate the crown of your hair from the rest, french braid at the scalp and then toss the ends in a top knot and you have a look perfect for day or night.

3. Cheers to cute hats - when all else fails and you are on day four of not washing your hair, throw on a cute hat (I always go for our CM! hat in navy) and call it a day. Plus, if J. Crew can make it look good, so can you.

4. Cheers to good bobby pins - Billi suggests picking these up at your local Sally's or beauty store. They are stronger and hold better, longer. When using them, stick them in your hair toward your forehead so they help add volume on top of your head. Otherwise, if you push them toward the back of your head, it will make your style look flatter and not as full. 

5. Cheers to simple braids at night when your hair is wet - take them out in the morning when your hair dries, spray in some texturizer spray and separate the strands. Easy, peasy, beach hair.

6. Cheers to Unite Texturiza Spray - this is one of my all time favorite products. It is lighter than hair spray, doesn't make my hair oily and keeps my curls intact for at least a couple days.

7. Cheers to Malibu Swimmers Hair Treatment - if you are spending your summer by the pool, Billi recommends using this now as well as one more time at the end of the summer to rid your hair of all the chemicals found in pool water.

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