My Toddler Dresses Better Than I Do

by dee chestnut, contributing writer

An intro from Abbey:


Dee and I met at story time a couple years ago and bonded after our girls took a liking to each other at the board book section of the library. We enjoyed our second pregnancies together and she is always my go-to person when I need fun activity ideas for my toddler and when I need a good laugh. Case in point below. Toddler mamas, can you relate?

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My toddler dresses better than I do...and somehow that makes me happy.

Does most of your current wardrobe consist of some sort of stretchy material & rubber soles? Mine too.  

I call this wardrobe stage of my life (the newborn + toddler phase) “newddler style”. It’s not that I don’t want to look nice-ish, it’s just not in the cards most days. To be honest, even IF I did have time, my body is changing so fast, I don’t have much of a clothing selection.

But, do you know who looks cute in basically everything? My kids! Ugh, melt my heart cute! When it comes down to buying something new, I find myself feeling happier seeing them all dressed up. 

There are several layers to this happiness. First of all, even if I did get a new dress or skirt I wouldn’t instantly become a princess like my “little Miss 3 year old” does.  Her immediate twirls of pure joy, mean so much more to me than seeing myself in a new outfit.


Secondly, is your “ I MUST capture these childhood memories” game pretty strong? Mine really is. This means they get their photo taken 100 x’s more than I do. Partly due to the fact that I’m the one taking the photos and partly because I’m not photo ready. It’s a full circle really.

Thirdly, you know what’s timelessly adorable? Kids in cute clothing. It was 50 years ago and it is today. Want to take that cuteness to the next level? Matching clothing. Sound of Music, ring a bell? (They owned those matching curtain outfits). People of all ages love seeing kids all dolled up. So, if it has to comes down to hearing a compliment about myself or my kids...the compliment of my kids truly wins my heart.

For better or worse, our children are a reflection of us, if they look good (in a way), I believe I do too. In this “newddler” stage, taking time to get them ready leaves little time for me, and to be honest, I’m OK with that.

Disclaimer: By 11:30am, it’s likely my toddler is covered in peanut butter, paint, shaving cream, markers, etc. However, during that 6am-11:30am window, Pure Honey.

Motherhood is so relatable isn’t it? My favorite part is that there is room for all of us to succeed. Supporting each other is what makes sense to me.

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Have a favorite tip or routine to help you feel “ready” each day?
Mine? All I can say, I’m so grateful to be a mother at a time with such fantastic dry shampoo.

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