Friday Cheers, Potty Training Survival Guide

by abbey

One of my dearest friends from college is in town from St. Louis and while the first two days of her visit were spent at the pool, getting pedicures and visiting a winery, the fun came to a crashing stop when my daughter continued to take off her diaper and refused to put another on. We went round and round for two solid days. My husband and I had planned to potty train later in July when we didn't have guests staying with us and were okay being home bound for a few days, but Anna had a different plan. Ha! Good friends are worth their weight in gold, especially when they decide to extend their stay and are happily willing to help you manage a naked child and toddler potty. As we prepared for this undertaking we stocked up on the these items to ensure our sanity remained intact while still having fun and enjoying time together.


1. Cheers to White Claw, a delicious hard seltzer drink. Think spiked LaCroix - it's yummy, low sugar, all natural and somehow makes you forget that you dumped out a toddler potty a dozen times in a day.

2. Cheers to dog pee pads keeping my rugs and furniture safe.

3. Cheers to unwinding with the guilty pleasure of Southern Charm in the evening. After all, potty training a toddler is better than attending a polo match with Ashley. :) Ha!

4. Cheers to sweet treats and snacks and my favorite Lindt sea salt chocolate bar. Snacks seemed to keep us going when we watched Peppa the Pig for the third time.

5. Cheers to AMAZING friends who love your kids and want to hang out, potty train, and laugh with you during this crazy stage of life.

6. Cheers to Atlas wine from Cedar Ridge Winery. Perfect for a hot summer evening drink as a reward for all our hard work.

7. Cheers to the best cheddar cheese that is Milton Prairie Breeze. Clearly snacks and adult beverages got us through day one of potty training.