A Southern Sip and See in the Midwest

by abbey

The days leading up to my son Joseph's birthday looked quite different than they did with my daughter's just two years prior. There was no move cross country, no boxes to be unpacked, and I thankfully no longer had to map out directions to the grocery store and Target. When we brought Anna, my oldest, home from the hospital our parents were in town to welcome us home but not too many local people even knew us at that point. Fast forward a couple years and the joy that surrounded the arrival of our newest family member was felt throughout our community.

While baby showers for the second child can be frowned upon, I loved the idea of bringing the southern tradition of a sip and see to the Midwest - I had a cute baby I wanted people to meet! My sweet mama hosted the gathering and so many times I found myself looking at all the guests, thankful for this community that had grown so much in such a short time. From neighbors to work colleagues, this group of women brought me more happiness on a snowy spring day they can imagine.

Invitations, paper cups and napkins - Chips and Salsa Designs

Food - Trader Joe's

Flowers - Trader Joe's

Cute Grandfather - my dad!