Summer Bucket List for Moms

by Abbey

Just as soon as summer arrives, so do all of the ideas and lists of things you want to accomplish during these short few months. The idea of summer passing and looking back wondering where all your time went is reason enough for a bucket list, but what about a bucket list for your mama heart? Here are a few simple suggestions to make you savor the little things this summer with the fondest of memories.


Wear a swimsuit - I'm putting this one first because I need to be reminded of this over and over. I'm three months postpartum and I haven't had the nerve to try on, let alone, wear my swimsuit in a public place. The reality is, no one will be watching me as much as my daughter will be when we are splashing in the shallow end.

Read a book - or at least listen to one. Making time for me is hard in our current season (2 under 2.5) but picking up and enjoying a fiction book ranks right up there with showers. Give me your book recs!

Have a picnic - I've learned leftovers and random fridge finds are more fun when enjoyed on a blanket outside. Anna gets to run around while Joseph and I hang out in the shade. Life memories right there.

Meet up with friends - summers are hard to get together with all the vacationing, baseball tourneys and family visits, but making time to connect with friends always feeds the soul. In Cedar Rapids, IA? There will be a slew of friends gathered at the Cheers, Mama! Happy Hour on Wednesday, June 20th at Lion Bridge Brewing Company from 5:30-7:30. We would love to see you there!

Catch fireflies - I might regret this after the fact, but I told my husband this past weekend how I want to wake Anna up one night to go chase and catch fireflies. It could totally backfire, but in my mind, it sounds like one perfect summer night.

Eat ice cream - without napkins, outside. Take pictures and relish in the sugary sweetness that is a messy kid with a delicious drippy treat.

Sit on the porch - after the kids go to bed, grab a drink and do some front porch sittin' with my husband.

Run through a splash pad - I can't wait to see my daughter's face when I too run through the splash pad (or throw the first water balloon or let her spray me with a squirt bottle) to cool off from the summer heat.

Pick out items at the Farmer's Market - I've found my daughter seems to eat better when she helps prepare or pick out some of the meal so, letting her select and then help me wash and store veggies and fruit is just another reason to love our local FM.