How to Throw a Classy Star Wars Party!!!


I did 99.9% of the decorating in our house. Greg (1) doesn't care and (2) would buy everything in gray, accented by Nebraska Cornhuskers Red. There is, however, 0.01% of our home that Greg totally decorated himself. In our dining room, I have a really cute glass door cabinet that housed some pretty dishes. Over time, Greg decided it was a nice place to display his Star Wars LEGOs. It started off with a little LEGO figure he got in his Christmas stocking from my mom. He now displays a LEGO creation on each shelf, including a giant Death Star on the top that usurped my aloe plant.

I kind of thought Greg's love for Star Wars would die out after a while. After having a Star Wars gender reveal, the countless "I Am Your Father" swag he owns, and the bedtime tradition of reading "Goodnight Darth Vader," I realized the fandom was here to stay. It was unanimous that Oliver's first birthday party would be a Star Wars party.

We decided to keep Oliver's party simple in terms of just having our family. But simple decorations are not my jam. I've included all the details in case you, too, are merging your husband's nerdy love for (insert whatever superhero or tv series that might be...) with your own style and flair.

I also literally searched Pinterest and google for "How to throw a classy Star Wars party" and apparently that really isn't a thing.

If you love Star Wars, but don't want a party pack from Party City or want to go old school Star Wars (sorry Rey and Finn...), look no further. 



T-Shirt: "One, I am" - custom tee I ordered at Cheerily.
Shorts: Maroon Star Wars print shorts from LilyBug Baby Things on Etsy

Table Setting
White square plates - CB2
Black flatware from Magnolia Market at Target
Straws and black candlesticks - Target
Flowers - I collected these from the farmer's market and Hy-Vee and arranged them myself
Darth Vader "vase" - actually a candy bowl bought on Amazon

Invitation and Napkins - Chips & Salsa Designs
Star Wars banner - Google
Garlands and "HBD" banner - Target
Cookies - Deluxe Cakes & Pastries
"Don't Grow Up - It's A Trap" sign - Hobby Lobby
Darth Vader Bday Candle - Amazon
Balloon garland strip - Party City