Our First Happy Hour!


The first year after our move to Iowa from Texas was a tough one. We knew no one in Cedar Rapids, or the entire state for that matter, and often joked that our realtor (who helped us find a house in our necessary time frame of 2 days) was our best - and only - friend. Amazon had just launched Audible so let's look at my first book downloads to show you my current state of mind:


It was winter in Iowa, I felt isolated with a newborn and I needed someone to tell me how to (eventually) love where I lived and I needed to laugh. A lot. Thanks for delivering, Lauren Graham. 

I needed a community of friends stat so I did what I knew best - went to ALL THE THINGS. From my hospital's Mommy & Me classes to MOPS and random women in business events, I was there. Some proved valuable, others just made me a frazzled mess as I tried to inconspicuously nurse and keep my baby on her (mom imposed 😏) schedule. I wanted a place where I could meet other women who had different interests but shared commonalities, women I could learn from with children in various stages of life so they could reassure me I would eventually sleep again, women who worked outside the home, women who chose to home school, women who would be my cheerleaders on the hardest of days.

No group delivered this diverse group of women.

So we created it.

The Cheers, Mama! Happy Hour idea was born to bring moms together, to grow YOUR village. Let's gather, learn from each other, meet someone new and enjoy a night sipping something sweet. Our vision is that this will be a domino effect, catching on throughout communities across the nation, because it does indeed take a village. Here are the details of our VERY FIRST CHEERS, MAMA! HAPPY HOUR!


Are you interested in bringing women together in your city? Contact us about becoming an CM! Ambassador and we'll provide you an entire toolkit for putting on one of these events.

HappyCheers, Mama! -