Friday Cheers


1. Cheers to this springtime dress that is nursing friendly and UNDER $32! Need it in a rush? Amazon Prime has you covered, mama!

2. Cheers to the 4-Things Personalized Tote Bag, a perfect accessory for the farmers market and also make a great 30th birthday present (Abbey’s gift to Hannah this month). As an extra bonus, a donation from each #4ThingsTote bag will help rescue, love, and care for orphans and impoverished children in Haiti by supporting Danita's Children Hope for Haiti Children's Center.
3. Cheers to getting some quality one-on-one time with my oldest since my son was born. Carving out some intentional time with her has been good for both of our souls…and bellies.

4. Cheers to the new Netflix series, “The Letdown”, a fresh, hysterical and sometimes dark look into what new motherhood can look like (adult language and content, so watch after the littles have been put to bed).

5. Cheers to long lasting bubbles that are touchable and guaranteed to keep your toddler occupied for at least 4 minutes. Keep ‘em outside friends, they have a tendency to stick and leave behind a bit of a film but are totally worth it!

6. Cheers to grocery pick up and delivery. Midwest friends, Hy-Vee is my saving grace because you know you can’t get much in that cart with an infant car seat taking up the entire basket (free delivery when you spend $100). Walmart’s pick up service is good too, especially for smaller orders and rumor has it, Target is jumping on the bandwagon soon!

7. Cheers to the Miron Crosby Boots Anna wore to commemorate her first role as a flower girl in a recent Texas wedding. Clearly the bride, my dear friend, has the best taste. Thankfully they come in my size as well.


HappyCheers, Mama! -