1. Cheers to RAYGUN for making super soft tees with cute and catchy phrases for mama and baby.

2. Cheers to senators showing they can actually "reach across the (baby) aisle.” Our congratulations go out to Senator Tammy Duckworth who welcomed her baby girl, Maile Pearl Bowlsbey, into the world and onto the senate floor. The Senate voted to change its rules and allow children under the age of 1 to enter Senate chamber during votes. (Read the full article here).

3. Cheers to J. Crew Factory's tie waist tees that are comfy, soft and totally flattering. Catch them on sale for only $30!

4. Cheers to printing photos and getting them off devices and into your hands. You don't have to be a professional photographer to show off your pics! Our favorites are Artifact Uprising and Social Print Studio

5. Cheers to peonies finally in bloom, one of life's prettiest gifts to us. Grab a bouquet from your backyard (or sneak into a neighbor's yard to cut some off their bushes...totally kidding!) If you're flower-starved and don't have a local florist you love, head over to Farm Girl Flowers and send one of their gorgeous bouquets. 

6. Cheers to Watermelon Perrier, our current favorite sparkling water flavor. It's the perfect taste to usher in some summer weather! (Sorry, La Croix! We still love you too.) 

7. Cheers to Rockabye Baby, so we can listen to Adele and Beyonce while putting our babes to sleep. (If you're not familiar, jump on Spotify and follow all of their albums. They have lullaby-fied tons of great pop songs that you won't mind getting stuck in your head). If you are in the mood for something with a bit more pep, listen to our CM! Launch Day Playlist!

8. Cheers to Noonday Collective, for creating high-fashion jewelry that supports women ALL around the world. And check out our interview with Noonday Stylist, Ingrid, if you haven't already!

HappyCheers, Mama! -