A Story of More


Our Instagram feeds are filled with highlight reels, showcasing perfectly curated homes and photos of kids in designer clothes whose noses are never runny. We spend time googling and searching...

"How do I stop my baby from biting?"
"How do I sleep train my child?" 
"How do I juggle a career and motherhood?" 

Between the how-to's and the must do's and the wish-I-could-do's, we're searching for how to breathe, how to savor, how to redefine ourselves amidst the ever-changing seasons of motherhood. 

Cheers, Mama! is rooted in our passion for all mamas to have a platform where they can grow, find inspiration and connect with other moms who are walking along the same journey.

  • We crave more vulnerability and less comparison.
  • We need more intentionality and less pretension.  
  • We believe in more celebrating and less complaining.
  • We desire more laughing and less judging.

We are Abbey and Hannah, two friends and mamas who believe that it takes a village and invite you to be a part of ours. 


Our mission is to share our hearts as we grow a community dedicated to celebrating the unique and beautiful mama you are.


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Hey! I’m Abbey! I’m wife to Steve, mom to Anna (2) and Joseph (2 months), and now claim Cedar Rapids, Iowa as home - although I will always be a Texan at heart. My journey to motherhood included surgeries, shots and eventual success as we walked through infertility woes only to be relocated cross country at 8-months pregnant. I’ve spent the last two years slowly, but intentionally, growing our community in a city where we knew no one. I have found celebrating to be one of my favorite life-giving activities, so whether it is a birthday or just an average Friday night, you’ll likely find us gathered with family or friends, eating off of festive paper plates and chasing after our kids while our meal gets cold-and we wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Hello! I'm Hannah. My husband, Greg, and I have been married for eight years. Our family includes a one-year-old, Oliver, and a little teddy bear dog, Moby. (I was a dog mom first!) Being a new mom, I have been saved by a community of mom friends who fiercely believe in me, relate with my stories, and encourage me that there is an end to (insert every motherhood woe here). I am the Director of Marketing for the Zach Johnson Foundation and believe in investing in the next generation. To do that, we need moms who are strong and confident, which also includes sharing mom memes and crying together at times! My hope is that every mom has another mom in her corner and if you don't, know that I'll be in yours. 

HeartCheers, Mama! -