Want to bring Cheers, Mama! Happy Hours to your city?


We want that for you as well! Let’s get off-line and start making connections and friends within our own communities. Fill out the below form and we will send you everything you might need to get you started gathering moms and future BFFs.


• What is the time commitment?

It is really up to you how often and extravagant you make each event. We have found having events each quarter works well with busy mamas.

• Where should I host events?

We have hosted at local restaurants/breweries and even local salons. We really like partnering with local, women-owned businesses to help bring awareness and support other #ladybosses. But, just about anywhere will work!

• how do i let people know about the event?

We typically start by creating a Facebook event and inviting people we already know in our communities. Encourage others to bring friends and use other social media outlets to promote - and don’t fret, we will provide social media artwork to you!

Name *